Joseph Abramson

No words can explain how overwhelmed were are after Darius and his team saved the day!! Darius is a genuinely nice guy, kept his word and delivered on time! Would highly recommend them; stress-free.

Elad Horowitz

I would recommend Ardent to anybody. Excellent service; takes all the hassle and stress out of it, just relax and they take care of it all.

Jennifer Kem

I’ve found Ardent Technologies to be excellent to deal with. they had a strong business integrity and delivered on their promises. With so many people out there to work with it's been very refreshing to meet people who just gets on and does what they’ve promised.

Dusty A. Healey

We consider Akita as our off site IT department and find you and your colleagues always happy to assist with our questions. Fantastic IT support for all business large.
Tara Fanning

Tara Fanning

Ardent Technologies has been great to work with. Darius and Jeremy are always there to provide the support I need when I need it. Couldn’t ask for better partners.
Ramesh Barasia

Ramesh Barasia

General Manager and Vice President Parker Young Construction, a RESCON Company
This note is about Ardent Technologies, an IT Services Company. I had known its Founder and President, Darius McFadden, for over six years when he was starting his company. We at Parker Young Construction, Norcross, GA are proud to be his first client. Since then, Darius has been providing all our IT services. I have been in the high-tech industry all my life before joining the Construction Industry and have been involved in managing several software-based companies. I had the fortune of getting to know some of the brightest and most brilliant networking and software people. Nevertheless, Darius and his company bring a unique combination of technical knowledge and tackling real-life business problems. He is just phenomenal. I love him for his 24/7/365 availability without ever complaining once. He has a healthy attitude for helping us in any situation, whether complex or a simpleton; everything gets his full attention. I am his fan, so are most of the employees here in our Company. On the one hand, I am happy that he is expanding his business, for I firmly believe the sky is the limit for him, especially in the small to medium-size businesses; on the other hand, I want to keep him for ourselves in a very selfish way. I sincerely wish him tremendous growth – he is the right person to go after it. I give him and his Company A++ for customer service, timeliness, quality of his work, and above all, problem-solving. Thank you. Sincerely, Ramesh Barasia General Manager and Vice President Parker Young Construction, a RESCON Company